How to troubleshoot Onedrive for Business sync issues


There are various sync issues when syncing Microsoft 365 Sharepoint Online files and Onedrive for Business (ODFB) files with a local workstation via the Onedrive or Onedrive for Business client.


The following steps can be taken to troubleshoot and resolve any Onedrive for Business sync issues:

  • Check on the Windows taskbar area for Onedrive specific errors or warnings and research the error in the Microsoft community to find a resolution action.
  • Run the Microsoft guided online troubleshooting wizard available at:
  • Check the Windows event logs for any Onedrive specific error or warning.
  • Check the OneDrive for Business event logs under C:\Program Files\OneDrive and under %localappdata%\Microsoft\OneDrive.
  • Clear the ODFB cache files by removing below folders:


%localappdata%\ OneDriver\cache

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