There is no Citrix XenApp server configured on the specified address. (Socket Error 10060)

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Case #

When trying to launch a Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops (VAD) resource from either the Storefront for Web interface or direct via Citrix Workspace App (CWA), connection stays in progress for a long time and you eventually encounter the following error message:

Unable to connect to the server. Contact your system administrator with the following error: There is no Citrix XenApp server configured on the specified address. (Socket Error 10060).

Solution #

To perform Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and resolve the above issue, carry out the steps below. This assumes that you have isolated the issue to one of the internal Citrix VAD components, i.e. anything else except for Citrix Gateway or Citrix ADC.

  • Run Citrix Quick launch tool to isolate the Citrix Storefront component. The Citrix Quick Launch tool allows you to enumerate the published VAD resources from Citrix Controller and subsequently to launch the published resources (Citrix app or Citrix desktop) directly from the VDA, thus circumventing the Citrix Storefront component. If you cannot launch a resource directly via Storefront but your Citrix Quick Launch tool launch is successful, then your issue is 100% related to the Citrix Storefront component.
  • Run the VDA health check tool and check the VDA server OS event logs (application log)
  • Run Citrix Scout and check the Controller server OS event logs (application log)
  • Check the Citrix Storefront event logs and perform Storefront configuration overview via the Storefront MMC console.
  • Enable Storefront server verbose tracing and troubleshoot your configuration as per
  • Check the following known root cause:
  • On your Citrix Storefront server(s) check all IIS bindings. Besides the HTTPS binding for the Citrix Storefront site, all IIS default bindings (including the HTTP-80 and HTTPS-443 bindings) must be intact, otherwise there will be Citrix VAD launch issues.
  • On your Citrix servers and on the Citrix client check the status of SSL certificates (with SAN entries required) which must also be imported into your Web browser and to the trusted certificate store of the client computer from which you are initiating a Citrix VAD connection.
  • Check your DNS resolution. There are rare occassions in which your private DNS zone entry for Storefront may be the same with a public DNS zone located in an external DNS server. In this case, the DNS resolution mechanism might now work properly and a routing loop or DNS resolution issue may be caused. In this case the Citrix Storefront server may try to connect to the public DNS zone record instead of the private DNS zone record. For this reason, ensure that both your private and public DNS zones are properly configured and their records properly updated to reflect your architecture. This can be typical in split-brain DNS configurations. Refer to this Microsoft article for more details on how to configure a split-brain DNS environment.
  • If you have a Storefront server group of two or more servers, then troubleshoot potential Storefront server group (cluster) propagation issues, as per
  • If you are using NAT in your Citrix network, check your configuration as per the following:
    • If Web Interface, right-click the site, click Secure Access, add a line for the network and select Translated or Alternate. If Alternate, go to each XenApp server and run ALTADDR to set the NAT’d IP. Without Secure Gateway or NetScaler Gateway you’d need a NAT’d IP for each XenApp server.
    • If StoreFront, you would need to deploy a NetScaler Gateway appliance to proxy the ICA traffic through one NAT’d IP address. It must be noted that access to Storefront stores from the public Internet is feasible via plain NAT, however you will not be receiving all important security and performance benefits which are provided via Citrix Gateway.

For more troubleshooting guidance on a series of known Citrix issues, you can consult my “Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Troubleshooting” e-book.

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