Troubleshooting Citrix HDX optimization for Microsoft Teams

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Citrix provides a support article for troubleshooting HDX optimization for Microsoft Teams. The article provides guidelines for troubleshooting the  in Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 1906.2 or higher. Currently the only supported Workspace app platform is Windows, and the version should be 1907 or higher. Citrix recommends the latest Workspace app version, 1911.

Microsoft Teams optimization mechanisms can be divided into 4 main areas 1. Media Engine instantiation

1.1 Teams must launch in optimized mode
1.2  Teams must open a WebSocket connection (wss:// to the “Citrix HDX HTML5 Video redirection” service in the VDA. This action triggers the establishment of the virtual channel CTXMTOP
1.3  CWA’s HDX Engine (wfica32.exe) must spawn the process HdxTeams.exe (the actual WebRTC media engine in CWA)

  2. Media Engine peripheral acquisition
2.1 HdxTeams.exe maps and relays the names of the peripherals to Teams
2.2  HdxTeams.exe acquires and captures all peripheral devices I/O
2.3  HdxTeams.exe must be able to display the video self-preview

  3. Media Engine transport layer establishment
3.1 SDP file offer/answer negotiation
3.2  ICE Candidate discovery (STUN/TURN)
3.3  Secure RealTime Protocol (SRTP) end to end connection

  4. Media Engine multimedia stream processing
4.1  Codecs: Decoding/encoding and rendering of audio-video tracks and screensharing
4.2 Echo Cancellation, noise reduction, jitter/packet loss concealment, lip synchronization, image enhancement

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