How to transfer licenses between Microsoft 365 tenants

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Case #

When performing a Microsoft 365 tenant to tenant migration, i.e. when migrating Microsoft 365 service data, including Exchange Online and Sharepoint Online, there is a silent assumption that the target tenant already has a working subscription and required licenses. But what if you simply need to move existing licenses from the source tenant to the target tenant?

Solution #

As per Microsoft documentation the following information applies.

It is not possible to transfer licenses between 2 organizations (tenants). If you’re a Volume Licensing customer, contact the Volume License Service Center. Otherwise, follow these steps:

For some subscriptions, you can only cancel during a limited window of time after you buy or renew your subscription. If the cancellation window has passed, turn off recurring billing to cancel the subscription at the end of its term.

  • If you’re planning to continue usage of the tenant that you’d like to transfer from, you can remove licenses you’ve purchased to reduce the cost and purchase those licenses in the other tenant.
  • In either case, you may want to migrate mailboxes and other data:

For more relevant information, see Buy or remove licenses.

Remember that you may also create a Microsoft 365 support ticket requesting Microsoft to transfer/move Microsoft 365 licenses you already own between tenants, as described in the following Microsoft TechCommunity article:

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