How to resolve Azure AD DS provisioning error the resource entity provisioning state is not terminal

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Case #

You are attempting to provision a a new Azure Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) instance in your Azure subscription and you hit the following error:

Cannot modify resource with id '/subscriptions/afa3233c-df36-4f69-93b7-b35d8b41ba88/resourceGroups/Authentication/providers/Microsoft.AAD/domainServices/' because the resource entity provisioning state is not terminal. Please wait for the provisioning state to become terminal and then retry the request.

After subsequent attempts to re-deploy the instance you may come across additional errors in the Azure activity log.

If finally the provisioning process moves forward, you end up with a stale deployment stuck in the following state:

Solution #

This is an Azure backend related issue. After contacting Azure technical support team, they informed me that this was caused by a recent patch applied by the Product Group (PG) team. This was only affecting new AD DS instances and not existing ones. After reverting the patch for my Azure tenant, they requested that I delete the failed AD DS instance and redeploy it.

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