How to provision an Azure sponsorship subscription

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Case #

You need to apply to Microsoft for an Azure sponsorship subscription. Usually you would want to do this when running a proof of concept project prior to a production implementation. Microsoft grants an Azure sponsorship offer as a new subscription to select customers or to customers who can demonstrate commitment to implement an Azure subscription with significant monthly consumption.

Solution #

Depending on your scenario you can either apply for a Microsoft Azure sponsorship offer via your Microsoft account manager or via your Microsoft CSP Distributor. In your application you will have to fill-in a provided form with your estimated monthly Azure consumption, a high level description of the Azure project as well as the details of your company (or of your customer’s company if you are a CSP reseller). If Microsoft approves your application, the administrative contact of the end customer will receive an email from Microsoft with all the details required to activate the sponsorship offer and start using the Azure subscription. Follow the process below:

  1. Navigate to in order to register your provided Azure sponsorship offer code. You will have to use a Microsoft account for this, either personal MSA account or Microsoft 365 account. Bear in mind that after this point, only this account which was used to register the sponsorship offer will be able to manage/view your subscription consumption and remaining credits. After your subscription is activated, you will be notified that you have 90 days and X number of credits (in USD, EUR, etc) to run this subscription and that the subscription will be deactivated after the 90 days or after depletion of your credits, whichever comes first. If you need to continue using the subscription you will have to provide credit card payment details to switch to pay as you go billing.
  2. If you are the original user who registered the Azure sponsorship offer code, you should login with your credentials to to monitor your subscription consumed and remaining credits.
  3. After creating the subscription you can make use of the Azure Role Based Access Control feature (RBAC) to provision new users and grant them permissions at various Azure levels (tenant, subscription, management group, resource group, resource).

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